about us

We are two sisters-in-law who love cooking, baking, and of course, eating! Join us as we share our culinary creations, revamped recipes, and our favorite foods with you.

Amanda married Jessica's brother in 2009 and then Jessica tied the knot seven months later. Both newlyweds are New Mexican natives, but Jessica flew the coup to be with her husband—who is in the Air Force. They now live in Italy.


Jessica (cooking in Georgia)
In her younger days, Jessica was notorious for making horrible concoctions in the kitchen—she once accidentally used salt instead of sugar in a sugar cookie recipe—and she would rather take a nap than put on an apron. But once she got married, everything changed. Now, her husband licks his dinner plate clean and routinely asks for seconds. She enjoys tweaking recipes to make them a little healthier, and she always saves room for cupcakes! You can also follow her over at her personal blog: Jessica Lynn Writes.


Amanda (cooking in New Mexico)
Amanda has been interested in all things food since she was a tiny girl. But just because there was interest doesn't mean there was talent... she was known for her charcoal pancakes served up every Saturday morning. She worked hard to perfect every recipe in her American Girl Cookbook. Eventually the taste finally caught up with the effort as her sights turned to baking. She started culinary school after high school and began creating her own cake business. She is now married and loves to both cook and bake for her hubby, who is never shy of trying a new experiment. She loves to put new spins on old recipes, always open to making it better for her waistline.