Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Tale of Amanda

Jess being the wonderful writer she is did a fabulous job of introducing herself. And despite my want to just hide behind my recipes I feel I owe it to the blogging world to write a bit about myself. I am also extremely excited to be apart of this blog. I wouldn't do something like this on my own, so I am very grateful to Jessica for getting this all going.

I've been experimenting in the kitchen for as long as I can remember. With my American Girl Cookbook in hand you could find me every Saturday morning mixing up breakfast in bed for my parents. More than half of the time it was terrible. My parents suffered through burnt pancake after burnt pancake. My family to this day still gives me a hard time for the cloud of smoke I whipped up every weekend. I finally got the hang of it somewhere around middle school, and it's a passion I will never give up.

I loved having a reason to make "special" dinners. This usually meant hours in my mothers kitchen and a tornado of smells and tastes covering the countertops and stove. When I met my husband I started turning out the food more than ever. There is nothing I love more than cooking for a sweet man who loves my food. My dad was always happy when Chris came for dinner because that meant something extreme! At the time I was in culinary school here in NM. Although I didn't finish the program I really learned alot from it. I started a cake business with the help of my husband in 2008. However I love to cook just as much as I bake.

I struggle to follow recipes, I always end up putting it aside and improvising. I love to experiment and try new foods. I really enjoy a good challenge, spending days sometimes weeks to perfect something. I like adapting old family recipes and finding new things online. Well enough about me and on to the FOOD!

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